The winery

Tradition, good work, love for the land, commitment to quality, commitment to oneself, enjoy healthy food; are some of the characteristics that define the work of the people of Navarrsotillo.

In our family winery founded by the brothers Andrés and Ramón Serrano, technology and innovation are properly combined with the tradition in the cultivation of agricultural holdings inherited from our parents using organic methods to obtain the best wines. We firmly believe that the health of our land is of utmost importance for obtaining quality wines, so in our daily work there is no room for synthetic chemicals. All our production is supervised and certified by the Organic Agriculture Control Body of La Rioja, ES-ECO-027-RI.

For our clients, Navarrsotillo is synonymous with tradition, artisan agriculture and good work; in sum, of high quality wines.

Our winery is equipped with the most modern technology for the production of quality wines; stainless steel tanks, refrigerated rooms, laboratory, aging cellar, wine rack, etc. We complete this with exhaustive work procedures to ensure the quality of the final product. Proof of this work is the international certifications of our quality management systems, environmental management and food safety management.

The current production capacity is around 600,000 liters but an expansion is planned in the near future. On the other hand, in the aging cellar there are about 1200 American and French oak barrels. Its privileged location in the municipality of Calahorra at the foot of the National Road 232, Km. 354 makes possible the visit of anyone who wishes it.

And as always, passing the highest quality controls...