The Team

A fantastic tandem

The brothers Andrés and Ramón Serrano Arriezu belong to a family with a long tradition in growing vines. The wisdom inherited from their parents and grandparents, added to the winemaking know-how obtained during the last decades, are the cornerstone of the family’s wines. Andrés focuses on a continuous care of the vineyard as the origin of all good wine. For this he opted, from the beginning of this adventure a few decades ago, for biodynamic agriculture to obtain a good end such as quality wines. This has led to the fact that currently all the production, both in Rioja and Navarra region, is certified for biodynamic agriculture with the Demeter regulations.

In this team, Ramón, advised by winemarkers from various countries, continues the process in the winery, always respecting the quality of the grapes. As a result of this tandem, every year wines are put on the market that are a faithful reflection of the terroir and climate where the vines are grown. Our clients and friends, as well as the specialized press, have recognized, and continue to recognize our work and commitment to quality.