The Vineyards

Our Treasure

In the DOCa Rioja, the family grows approximately 85 hectares of vineyards using biodynamic techniques distributed between Tempranillo Tinta, Garnacha Tinta, Mazuelo, Graciano, Tempranillo Blanca, Garnacha Blanca, Viura, Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc. The location of the vineyards is divided between several villages, Calahorra, Andosilla and San Adrián, of the so-called “Mediterranean Rioja” with cold winters; mild, rainy springs and autumns; and hot, dry summers. The soil presents diverse textures, predominantly limestone, sand, clay, and gravel.

In the DO Navarra, over 35 hectares of vineyards are grown with organic farming and biodynamic techniques, divided between Tempranillo Tinta, Garnacha Tinta, Garnacha Blanca and Sauvignon Blanc. The location of the vineyards is mainly in the so-called Ribera Alta de Navarra between the Ega and Ebro rivers. The soil has very diverse textures, predominantly clays, gravels, and limestones.

In this way, we have the “terroir”, the water, the weather and the knowledge and experience that lead to obtaining modern and elegant wines.

Throughout the year, the farm is subject to exhaustive and continuous monitoring. The cycle begins in November with an analysis of the land and a careful pruning process. Our soils receive, firstly, nitrogen input through the sowing of green manures and, later, organic matter from crushed vine shoots and biodynamic manures with which we cover the land during the first months of the year. The treatments for the prevention of pests and diseases are prolonged between the budding of the vine and the middle of August, always following the parameters set by the natural cycles. In addition, throughout the vegetative cycle of the vine, the humidity of the earth is controlled, work that, together with the monitoring of the ripening of the grapes, enables the proper selection of the fruit, to obtain the highest quality in our wines.

From our beginning of this way of Organic and Biodynamic agriculture, Navarrsotillo’s commitment has been complete, leading the entire company to commit to the project. This has meant that Navarrsotillo makes its own Biodynamic preparations on the farm, both the 500 preparations and the natural compost and their specific preparations; promoting the self-sufficiency that is intended in this type of agriculture. The dynamization is always carried out in the open air and on the farm itself; and the preparations are applied according to the needs that the vine shows at each moment of its natural cycle (